NO TO SUGAR MUMMIES/DADDIES! University Students Protest Against ‘Sponsors’ – PHOTOS

February 18, 2016

The ever increasing cases of sexual relationships between youthful university students and old sugar daddies/mummies, has left comrades of Rongo University with no choice but to stand up in protest against the evil acts. On Monday, students of the campus in Migori County, hit the streets placards high to run a peaceful demonstration against sugar mummies and daddies who engage in sexual relations with scholars.
While speaking about their protest,  student leader, Joseph Maina said that they were tired of seeing ‘sponsors’ spoiling their young men and women with money in exchange of sexual favors.
As we wait to see if other universities join in the campaign, below are pictures showing how Rongo comrades voiced their concerns.
Rongo 2
Rongo 3
Rongo 1

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