HILARIOUS: Kenyan Lady Outsmarts Nigerian Scammers With Sarcastic Answers

February 15, 2016

I bet you have received an email from an anonymous person expressing themselves either as orphans or fugitives in a foreign country telling you how they are facing trouble and how much they want you to intervene and be their source of monetary help. Well, for as long as I can recall, these scammers have been a consistent nag on Facebook.
Those who fall for their lies can testify how they lose their cash while waiting for vague promises from the smart fellows. Anyway, a Kenyan lady smart enough to engage the scammers in a lengthy chat, sarcastically brought the folly of the ‘online bandits’ in a very hilarious way.
The Kenyan lady known as Wanja Kavengi decided to engage the scammer who identified herself as Maria Rose in an amusing thread of funnily crafted replies that will definitely dose-out your Monday blues. Wanja Kavengi 1
Wanja Kavengi 2
Wanja Kavengi 3
Wanja Kavengi 4
Wanja Kavengi 5
Wanja Kavengi 6
Wanja Kavengi 7
Wanja Kavengi 8
Wanja Kavengi 9
Wanja Kavengi 10

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