HEARTBREAKING! Kenyan Lady Develops Cancerous Wound After Mistreatment by Saudi Boss – PHOTOS

February 26, 2016

A year ago, a 36 year old Kenyan woman flew to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of greener pastures in the foreign land where she was set to work as a house-help upon arrival. She did get the promised job, however, it was not long before troubles started to hunt her down. Narrating her ordeal, Catherine Wambui explained that she has had a rough time, going all sorts of inhuman treatment from her current employer.
Following the continuous assault she has been receiving from her horrible boss, Wambui now has a cancerous wound on her knee. Worse of it all, the bad boss has denied her access to medication and as well as paralyzing her movement out of the country after confiscating her travel documents.
Her family in Kenya has made all attempts to talk to the agency responsible for her trip to the country, but to their disappointment, the agency has held their stand and denied that they have dealt with her. Well, it is our hope that a solution to save our very own lady from the grasp of the oppressor comes in quick. Before then, here some picture of how badly hurt Catherine is.

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