GAME OVER For Shoplifters as Tuskys Installs Face Recognition Software

February 11, 2016

As a way of curbing the heightening number of shoplifting incidences, the management of Tuskys supermarkets is planning to install a facial recognition software that will be detecting faces of shoppers in their shops.  The new technology has been designed in such a way that it can scan the face of anyone entering a premise as well tracking all the movement taking place in between the aisles.
Whenever it notices someone standing by the door, the facial recognition camera runs a quick scan on his face and cross references the image with a watchlist of known shoplifters from the local police department. At the slightest glimpse, the gadget will run a match of the images against a database and it can recognize up to 20 or 30 faces in a crowd. In the case that a match is determined, the information will be assembled and mailed to the security person in charge at the branch with all the details of the suspected shoplifter, ie. a photo taken during their last arrest including their name, nature of their crime and places they have stolen from in the past.
And in the case that a suspect comes wearing sunglasses or wearing something obscuring his facial features, the door will stay locked and will not open for them. Speaking on the new security technology they want to bring in their stalls, Tuskys’ chief operating officer Mr. Peter Leparachao said that they have already engaged a bio-metric equipment and software provider, and hi-tech cameras that will be fixed in all stores by the end of May.

“We are bringing in facial recognition system to end shoplifting. If a shoplifter is caught in any of our stores, we will take his or her picture and put it in the system. Any time that person comes again, the system will beep a warning automatically,” added Mr. Peter Leparachao during an interview with a local daily.

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