Forget Kenya’s Mobius, Uganda’s Kiira Unveils First Solar Bus in Africa – PHOTOS

February 3, 2016

It seems that the competition for who is who in the field of innovation in the East African community is far from being over. In fact, it is only getting stiffer by the day. After we beat Uganda’s kiira hands down with our own built car model dubbed mobius last year, our neighboring country must have sworn to work hard and pull a shocker on us.
Yes. The developers of last year’s kiira, have now amazed not only Africa, but the world in whole after they unveiled a bus that runs not on any petroleum product but solar energy. Dubbed kayoola, the bus is fitted with solar panels mounted on top of the bus that charge the vehicle’ batteries.
Kiira Motors now hope to attract partners to help manufacture the bus for the mass market. While we wait to see how our creative Kenyan innovators respond to this, below are photos of the bus.
Kiira Motors - kayoola 6
Kiira Motors - kayoola 5
Kiira Motors - kayoola 4
Kiira Motors - kayoola 3
Kiira Motors - kayoola 2
Kiira Motors - kayoola 1

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