DRIVERS BEWARE! Trigger-Happy Gunman Terrorizing Uhuru and Mombasa Road Highway Motorists – DETAILS

February 8, 2016

A report released by Kenya police has revealed that an unknown lone gunman has been terrorizing and robbing off motorists stuck in traffic along Uhuru Highway and Mombasa Road whenever dusk falls. The notorious gunman is said to have successfully managed to carry out ten attacks in the recent weeks.
While addressing media on the issue, Nairobi County commander Japheth Koome said that the thug’s latest strike was near South C area last Wednesday evening, in which a man was shot while in a traffic jam and robbed off Sh 40,000, mobile phones and other unspecified valuables. “The businessman was driving home with his son and they were held in a traffic jam near South C when the gunman struck. He demanded that the motorist opens the door for him. When the motorist declined to comply with the orders, he shattered the screen and shot him in the shoulder before he forced himself into the car,” Koome said.
The County commander further advised motorists to be on high alert while using the highways and comply when being robbed, so as to avoid chances of turning the attack into a fatal one.

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