Corruption in Kenya Takes Centre Stage on This Week’s Episode of Madam Secretary

February 4, 2016

madam secretary
Spoilers Ahead:
Mission accomplished. Kenya has made a name for itself when it comes to corruption. Movie makers have taken note, and in the latest episode political drama Madam Secretary, this takes centre stage.
The US Secretary of State’s office has just compiled a report titled ‘Corruption in East Africa and its Negative Impact on US Competitive Advantage in the Region’.
They had found that more appropriate after playing around with ‘China Wins Because They Bribe Everyone’.
They did not necessarily mention Kenya by name, but everyone knows who they meant.
Though our neighbors Uganda and Tanzania are also corrupt, ours gets all the international headlines, mostly due to its magnitude and frequency.
But as the episode progressed, we found out that a US senator was one of the beneficiary of Chinese corruption in East Africa, and White House played politics and had parts of the report classified.
Maybe we can take comfort that corruption and cover ups also happen over there.
Here’s a short clip.

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