CHAOS in Chuka University as Comrades Burn School Bus – PHOTOS

February 10, 2016

With the next general elections fast approaching, the political ague is not only being experienced by the parliamentarians but is also bothering aspiring politicians in learning institutions. Speaking of which, Chuka University is now closed indefinitely following an ugly strike that broke out on Monday.
The strike that saw their school bus get burnt during the unrest, was as a result of a disrupted student election. According to the students, hell broke loose when one of the contestants in the election claimed that his opponent had rigged votes. For several hours, transport along Meru-Nairobi highway was a mess after protesting ‘comrades’ decided to barricade it.
Close to fifteen students were arrested by policemen while looting in shops neighboring the institution. As we hope that the situation in the institution calms, below are photos of the mess the students left of their campus.
Chuka Uni 2
Chuka Uni 1
Chuka Uni 5
Chuka Uni 4
Chuka Uni 3

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