Arrogant ‘Arizona Fish n Chips’ Waitress Exposed

February 5, 2016

The hotel/catering industry is one that needs lots of customer hospitality and that means waiters have to have the best etiquette in order to impress while offering their services. However, that is not the case in Arizona Fish n Chips fast food outlet in town.
According to a complain raised by a dissatisfied customer, a cashier working at the fast-food outlet has an arrogant attitude while speaking to customers and has been deliberately serving customers the wrong orders and is never apologetic.
One Shadrack Oloo took to Facebook and posted this.

Weh! Florence from Arizona fish N’ chips(sister ya sunford fish and chips) is by far the worst hospitality employee I have seen. And trust me I have heard many complaints as a journalist.
Shockingly, Florence, at the Arizona cashier is the kind who’ll take your money and cash in whatever her random head tells her.
Today, some older mama customer wanted bhajia n 1/4 chicken, but Florence took her money Kshs. 500 and cashed in a whole chicken. So the customer looks at her like she needed correction on her receipt but Florence shouts ‘enda huko staki stress’…weh!
I was next so the customer asks me ‘kuna manager anaweza nisaidia kupewa correct order’
Before I try helping the customer Florence shouts ‘mwingine’ so I give her 500 and tell her quarter chicken…but No! yaani ni kama Florence alikuwa na target ya kuuza full chicken because this she cashed in another whole 500? Lol! I’m like nimesema quarter! She says ‘endeni msaidiane kutafuta manager. Whaaaat?
Now I’m pissed.
My fellow customer lady is tired n tries asking for her money back. ‘Msinicheleweshe! ‘ Florence shouts back.
‘May God help me! Nisiwai rudi hapa and may she get what she deserves’ The customer says as she leaves Arizona without food she even left her money. But I’m like…let me see how this goes so that I have something concrete to write about?.
I wait in line (again)and tell Florence that customers come because they need service and food. NOT INSULTS… she looks at me, clicks and speaks in kikuyu “guku ti hoteli cienu Cia kfc” she says (translation: This is not KFC).. and that’s when I took this photos. Because I had to warn my friends about her and Arizona, plus have photographic evidence.


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