So, Can $2 Million Really Fit in a Briefcase?

January 29, 2016

briefOne of the arguments brought forward by those who are not buying the Tunoi-Kidero bribery saga is that 2 million dollars cannot possibly fit in a briefcase.
In his signed affidavit, Mr Geoffrey Kiplagat said that Justice Tunoi received his bribe in one ‘very big brown briefcase’.
While this is still being investigated, we examine whether it is practical to stuff all that money in a single briefcase.
$2 million amounts to Sh200 million, and obviously if you were paying in Kenyan currency, you would need tens of briefcases.
So, using only $100 bills, can you fit $2 million in a large briefcase? Yes you can.
According to This calculation, you can fit about $2.4 million in an average size briefcase using $100 bills.
This YouTube video also demonstrates how to stack up to $1 million in a small briefcase.

Since the affidavit mentions a ‘very big brown briefcase’, I think the argument of the cash not fitting is defeated.
The other question was whether CBK would allow such an amount to be in circulation. I’m not well versed with what the law says, but I’ve lived in Kenya long enough to know that if you have such an amount in your account, you can get away with anything.

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