RAW VIDEO: Ferdinand Waititu Kicks Activist’s Butt after He Gave Him an Elbow Strike

January 28, 2016

You don’t joke with a politician who has a history of stoning people, no you just don’t. Because anything brutal ranging from slaps, punches or kicks can unceremoniously land on your skin. Yes, and that is what a daring young activist got after hitting Ferdinand Waititu with his elbow during a demonstration in Mombasa County following a the arrest of a blogger who had made some allegations against Governor Kabogo.
It happened that Waititu – who has vowed to run against Kabogo next year, was in Mombasa accompanied by a few other MPs to show solidarity. Some protesters wearing ‘Responsible Blogging’ T-shirts were at hand to disrupt Waititu’s meeting. You can watch the rest in the video below.

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