Police Foil Planned Terrorist Attack in Mombasa as ‘Most Wanted’ Suspects Flee

January 6, 2016

Police officers on Monday thwarted a planned terrorist attack by suspected Al Shabaab militants in Nyali area.
The officers recovered two assault rifles and over two hundred rounds of ammunition that were being used by the suspects, Citizen Digital reports.
Despite the foiled attack, the suspects managed to escape.
According to police, the operation was being led by Mahmoud Salim Mohamed of ID No. 30750990 and Hussein Omar Said of ID No. 30229658. The latter, Hussein Omar Said has been in the list of most wanted criminals and his name and photo were circulated by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett late last year.
He is suspected of playing a pivotal role in the June 2014 Mpeketoni attack that left close to 60 people dead and hundreds of others injured.
Here are the photos
Hussein Omar Said
Mahmoud Salim Mohamed
And the list of the most wanted criminals issued by Inspector General urging Kenyans to remain vigilant. Kaa Chonjo!

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