PHOTOS of The ‘Akorino’ Wedding Everyone is Talking About

January 22, 2016

A few weeks ago, someone on Twitter commented that he has never seen a pregnant ‘mukorino’. Come to think of it, until a few days ago I had not even seen an akorino wedding.
Early this week, pictures of a glamorous ‘akorino’ wedding hit social media. Apparently, the wedding between Mr William Amunga and Sarah Mwathi was held on 19th December last year at the Barclays Sports Club, Nairobi. I have no idea where other ‘akorino’ weddings are held, but I don’t think it’s on well manicured grass.
Sarah and her bridesmaids wore the white turban, but went with some stylish outfits and not the free flowing dresses they’re known for.
The groom is not akorino, so he was not tied on the choice of clothing.
Check out the photos.

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