IS THIS LOVE? Two Young Kenyan Ladies Married to Very Old Wazungu Men – PHOTOS

January 14, 2016

They say age is nothing but a number, but I believe that some ages are just too advanced for someone to think about marriage. I can recall very well that there is a bible verse that says that old wine should not be put into new wine-skins. However, in today’s world, wonders are always on the increase, mushrooming everywhere every now and then.
The idea of marrying someone older than you are is always welcome, but when the age difference is more than 30 years then that scenario becomes shocking. Well, these two Kenyan ladies have decided to shock everyone after posting photos of their old wazungu lovers on social media for everyone to see.
Is this really love?  May be old is gold, I don’t know or it is just a case of sponsors and young girls. You tell me. Check these unbelievable photos out.
old is gold 1
old is gold

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