HILARIOUS: Transforming a ‘Wild Catch’ into a Wife Material (VIDEO)

January 6, 2016

jaymoImagine this fellas, you get a call from a female stranger who happens to have the voice of an angel, and since you have been single for too long and the pressure is on to prove to your family that you are not a complete failure, the stranger’s voice feels like the answer to all your loneliness problems.
In your mind, you have already made this stranger your girlfriend, proposed to her and had babies and lived happily ever after. So, you make it a priority to meet this stranger hoping she is as sweet looking as her voice sounds.
When you meet her in the company of your friend-for moral support, you realise that your dreams are not valid and she is not what you expected. However, your scheming and cunning friend realises that for a dream to come true, considerable amount of effort must be put in.
What happens next? Watch the clip below by comedian Jaymo Ule Msee to find out
Jaymo Ule Msee | Facebook


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