1.5 Years Later, Alfred Mutua’s 33 Kilometre Road is Still ‘Strong’

January 6, 2016

mut5When Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua built a 33 kilometre road in a record 3 months, he was lauded by many Kenyans, until reports started doing rounds that the road was falling apart.
The Makutano Ma Mwala to Kithimani road was completed one and a half years ago in June 2014. The original KeNHA’s estimate was Sh1.6 billion, but Mutua built it for only Sh650 million.
11 contractors were used, each assigned 3 kilometres. According to Mutua, if things were done as they’ve always been and one or two contractors used, the stretch would have taken more than 3 years to complete.
Someone drove along the road recently and returned with photos. It is not the most aesthetically pleasing road, but it serves the purpose and has held well.. at least we can say that for the photograph section.
Here are the latest pictures courtesy of @Maskani254. I believe that’s some harmless sand.

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