This Picture of Isaac Ruto Speaks More Than a Thousand Words

May 11, 2015

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto were in Bomet County yesterday; a move that was seen as a response to those opposing Ruto in the Rift Valley.
Bomet governor Isaac Ruto is the loudest of Ruto’s critics, and perhaps by choosing a venue in his backyard, the President and DP wanted to send a strong message.
While addressing the people, they made it pretty obvious that their attacks were aimed at Isaac Ruto, despite the fact that he was sitting right next to them. Isaac was obviously not happy, and this photo of him and Kericho Governor Chepkwony seated as everyone else stands to show respect to the President proves it.
I don’t like commenting on politics, but I think if I were in his shoes, I would have done the same thing. Last time Duale insulted him while they shared a podium, the guy wanted to leave the venue, so I’m sure he was prepared psychologically for this occasion.

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