Roof Collapse at State House Nairobi Reason Behind Uhuru’s Sagana Stay

May 7, 2015

state houseLast week, the dailies were busy speculating an impending cabinet reshuffle, following reports that Uhuru had stayed at Sagana State Lodge for a several days.
Citing ‘sources in the know’, the papers reported that up to 5 cabinet secretaries could be dropped, especially those with corruption cases. It was also claimed that the President may expand his cabinet to the constitutional maximum of 22, to bring in unfriendly regions as we approach the elections.
That may still be true, but is it reason enough for the President to go all the way to Sagana?
Blogger Robert Alai claims that the President’s media people deliberately fed journalists the false rumours so as to mask the real reason he temporarily moved to Sagana.
Apparently, a roof collapsed at the 108 year old mansion’s living quarters, and the main occupant had to be moved as the building was being examined and renovated. It happens that his house just across the fence was also going through major renovations.
Well, instead of having the President take the Presidential suite at Kempinski, it was decided he should commute to and from Sagana.

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