This Family Has Been Using Police Plane as Their Private Jet (PHOTOS)

April 14, 2015

Why is anyone surprised that Police Airwing commandant Rogers Mbithi uses Police aircrafts as his private jets.
He was just unfortunate to have misused state resources on the day Recce Squad required them most, in the process leading to the deaths of 147 people.
Mbithi is under intense pressure after it emerged that on the day of Garissa attack, the Cessna plane that was supposed to transport Recce Squad to Garissa was in Mombasa for the sole purpose of picking up his family. It is much cheaper to buy commercial tickets than burn all that return journey fuel for just two people. Not to say they were not transported there by the same plane.
In total, the plane might have made 4 trips. Shame on them.
Mbithi is however not the first. It’s not unusual to spot politicians on police choppers for personal business on weekends. Sad to say this but even on the day Saitoti perished, he was on a personal Harambee mission inside a Police helicopter.
I’m always disgusted at how public officials take advantage of their positions to misuse public property or to milk out every last cent.
Mbithi’s actions on April 2nd were not his first.
His daughters have been keeping their Instagram followers busy with these photos.
Here’s the plane.plane4

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