Gor Semelang’o: Give Uhuru a Break, He Did Not Tell You To Be Born in Some Nondescript Family

April 29, 2015

semBusinessman and politician Gor Semelang’o has added his voice on the recent Presidential parastatal appointments. In a sarcastic Facebook post, Gor says that we should give the rulers a break, and that no one asked us to be born in some ‘nondescript family’.
Here’s what he said.
gorLet our beloved President Uhuru kenyatta look for Votes where it can be found. This bulshit of young people thinking they matter must end. As long as we vote as a tribe, The Old people you are castigating today about being recycled will tell you where to vote. A ministry of youth can still be created and they give it to a 51 year old youth and you will not riot, they did that to your fund anyway and a man is the CEO of women fund anyway.The day you will start voting on issues everything will change but not now! Wacheni pang’anga!. Wait until you are elected to rule Serikali si ya mama yako bwana! ! Did they confuse Isaac odinga’s name with Wenwa Odinga? We did not ask you to be born in some nondescript family or to go to a village school.Give the rulers a break it’s their time, We must support them ama uta do?Kenya isonge mbele, sisi tujenge taifa wengine watapaka rangi baadaye!

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