Contrast: Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi vs Jomo Kenyatta Avenue in Addis (PHOTOS)

April 2, 2015

When did the rain start beating us.
If our founding father Jomo Kenyatta would return from the grave, first he would be proud of his son for ascending to the throne, then he would cry for our beloved country for going to the dogs.
His government had envisioned that every Kenyan home will have tap water by the year 2000, but today, that vision is not as near to accomplishment as it was then.
Our neighbours Ethiopia are seemingly doing well with their country.
Just recently, they launched a light rail service to operate in Addis Ababa.
Ethiopia’s Haile Selassie and Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta shared a special friendship, that saw each President name a major street in his country after the other.
In Nairobi we have the Haile Selassie Avenue and in Ethiopia they have Jomo Kenyatta Avenue.
While Nairobi’s Haile Selassie Avenue continue to experience daily gridlock, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue has a new face.

Haile Selassie Avenue (Nairobi)


Jomo Kenyatta Avenue (Addis)


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