Actress Lizz Njagah Pulls a ‘Lupita’ and Shaves Her Hair (PHOTOS)

April 2, 2015

Popular Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah Konstantaras has pulled a Lupita by chopping down her hair.
According to the award winning actress the move is meant to make her African and real. Through social media, she posted photos of her new look and captioned:
“I done did it!! The big chop. Nothing left to hide behind. No package to wrap myself with.. I want to be bare. I want to be me. I want to be African. I want to be real. Its always more comfortable to conform to other people’s standards… Its easier to be what everyone expects me to be than to be what I am. I am not my hair and so I chopped it. I define who I am, so should you.#WhatItMeansToBeAfrican #WhatIsYourTruth #ISeeTooManyPeopleBleaching#ImDoneConforming #NowhereToHideNow #Bare #Brazen #OutInTheOpen #NewMe #DoYou”
Check her out:
lizz njagah
Perhaps the new look will spur her journey to Hollywood.

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