Is This Green Lamborghini Fake..? Watch it Being Shown The Dust by a Nissan GTR (VIDEO)

March 5, 2015

lamboFor all the attention the green lamborghini has been getting in Nairobi, it is a rather disappointing ride on the race track.
Last weekend, the Lamborghini was left in the dust on a race with a Nissan GTR. Comparing the two vehicles, a Nissan GTR was always going to win because it has a better 0-100 Kph acceleration of 3.2 seconds compared the Lamborghini’s 4.3.
It is also emerging that the Lamborghini might be fake. For less than Sh 6 Million, fake lamborghinis are readily available in China.
A fake Lambo from China is said to be 99 % identical to the original on the outside while the interior is 70 % identical. It is also fitted with a weak Toyota MR8 engine.
Real or fake here is that video of the race.

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