THROWBACK! Terryanne Chebet’s Daughter Having A Good Time In Mauritius Coast

March 19, 2015

ImaniEven with their tight work schedules that keep them busy all week long, most of the top media personalities find time to relax and enjoy themselves. For those with money to blow, flying out to the exotic destinations is one of the things they love to do.
Well, Citizen TV’s Terryanne Chebet is one of the few female media personalities who know how to have great getaways. Back in 2014, in the company of her daughter named Imani, Terryanne Chebet flew all the way to Mauritius where they had a good time enjoying the cool waters at the coast.
Here is a short video clip of the good moments Imani had in Mauritius.

#Tbt 2014. Imani walking into the sunset. #Mauritius

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