‘The Day I Sal Never Forget’… This Is The Funniest KCPE Composition Ever

March 26, 2015

compIt is now a month since the release of 2014’s KCSE results that saw some pass with flying colors while others failed the examination terribly. And one of the subjects that made many candidates to get low grades was languages, especially English which to many is still a hard nut to crack.
On that note, I came across a very humorous composition that clearly shows the influence mother tongue can have when it comes to writing. Well, here something to crack you up this Thursday.
The Day I sal never forgeted nyakathoo
I was sleeping alipa ataro the way i always sleep. then in the heart of the night i scared myself on top sleeping and stand up sitting on par when my body died water of of sweat that just wait for there i mesaaa for you. Then ginene my brain run to the child of my sister who has cooked in ugenya whoseya par with, i say to myself in mouth of my heart koso otis ni is the one who has urinate on me?
You know he is a urinator who is a hyena. I beated torch infront of his sot but it was dry ka tie Lameck before he smias fat of vaselin or ngombe then i asked myself agen in mouth of my heart is it a jajuok ma jasuba ma jirandwa who has beated me with mbii? Because am always hear if a jajuok beates you with mbi even talking can difit you one God·
Afraidness start to catch me then i try to talk with a big voice and
see if jasuba has wented with my voice i heared my voice and said
ooooh yes jasubano cant me jowa my voice is still there and you
know wuot my voice was still new it had jast breaked two months ago. Then i teld me myself i want to try and catch this jajuok today…… Yawa foti minutes osemana rumo? I will finis for you this composison saa insa invigileta osechako choko otese…

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