Kiambu Governor William Kabogo Denies Being a Drug Lord

March 9, 2015

Kiambu-Governor-William-KabogoKiambu County governor William Kabogo has for the umpteenth time denied being a drug baron.
Kabogo recently made headlines when he reportedly admitted to stealing Narc leader Charity Ngilu’s handbag.
“I am not a thief. Later I repented and asked God to forgive my sins,” he revealed.
The source of Mr Kabogo’s wealth has been an unsolved mystery and he has been dogged time and time again by charges that he is a drug Lord.
He has once again denied those allegations saying, “How come the issue of me being a drug baron comes only during the elections and soon after elections are over, no one comes with such claims, does this mean I only sell drugs during campaign period,?”

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