HILARIOUS – ‘Mzungu Lady’ Abuses Man In Kikuyu After Being Asked if She Has Money

March 2, 2015

With social media sweeping in fast and quickly becoming a major source of entertainment, many people have really become a funny lot, more so, with the kind of texts they even post on whatsapp.
For instance, a certain ‘white lady’ ended up abusing a man in native Kikuyu language for asking her whether she had money. The lady had made a post in search of a man to settle down with when a man who was probably broke decided to ask the lady if she had money.
Here is the hilarious thread from ‘Sarah Joan’ and Wachira.
I’m pretty sure ‘Sarah Joan’ is some inmate in Kamiti or some prison somewhere, hoping to make some quick cash from gullible Kenyans. This time he/she met his/her match.
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