Ababu Namwamba is Not New To Betrayal.. This is How He Betrayed UoN Student Leaders in 1997

March 9, 2015

namwYesterday it emerged that Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba had secretly recorded a meeting in which his party leader Raila Odinga was present, in a bid to gather evidence that would exonerate him from the corruption allegations he was facing.
While the move may be genius in most cases, it’s probably a suicide act in politics, and I’m pretty sure Raila and the other MPs will not forget this betrayal.
New information has emerged that show that Ababu is not new in this kind of betrayal. Apparently, he did it once as a student leader at the University of Nairobi.
Here’s the story as narrated by Ratteng Élias Odhiambo

ABABU NAMWAMBA: This must not be construed to be some kind of character assassination on my friend.
Fast backwards: 1997 as student leaders at University of Nairobi, I representing Chiromo and Ababu representing Parklands, together with other students leaders, we gather to deliberate on several issues affecting our voters. The meeting goes deep into the night, and since the following day was the university’s graduation day, we resolved to mobilize the students to disrupt the event, that was to be graced by the then
Chancellor- President Moi. This was a top secret, to be implemented swiftly in the wee ours the following day.
Surprisingly to all of us, our rooms were cordoned by GSU before we woke up, and a massive battalion of GSU and police deployed on the graduation square. Our mission failed, and we learnt that Ababu had left our night meeting straight to the VC-Prof. Gichaga’s office to disclose all we had deliberated on. He never lived in the University hostels from that date for fear of students’ wrath. I know people change for the better with time. I have personally improved in many ways from that time. Ababu is one of my favorite lawmakers currently (George Oner of Rangwe is another), and we are wonderful buddies.
Unfortunately, my zeal with ODM forces me to share this bit I know, incase it might help him become a more trusted secretary general (if he wins). He has most of the qualities to drive the ODM agenda, but this single incident forces me to shrink into my skin: could he do a 1997 in 2017? That would be more lethal to me compared to what I went through when Mutunga read that 5 minute ruling.

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