Ida Odinga Explains Raila’s Torn Shoe

February 26, 2015

odingaThey say behind every successful man is a strong and wise woman and Ida Odinga lived up to the task when she came out to defend Raila’s torn shoe.
Last Sunday, the former Prime Minister was addressing a gathering at St John’s Everlasting Gospel Church in Imara Daima when photographers noticed a gaping hole in his left shoe. The photo caused an uproar from Kenyans as some failed to understand why a big political figure would step out in a torn shoe.
However, Ida Odinga has explained that the shoe got torn when Raila knocked a stone at St John’s Everlasting Gospel Church in Imara Daima.
“Can such a thing happen under my watch really? I am a fashionista for crying out loud.”
“I am the one who has been dressing my man and it is like some of you are not aware. Can I allow him to leave the house with torn shoes? Never,” She declared.
“As smart as I have been always, there is no single day I have let my husband down. He cannot leave the house unless I approve that he is smart. He has to be smart, that is key,” she added.
“If you look at Raila in all occasions does he not look smart? That is my work and it will remain that way, the shoes issue was just an accident,” she told Nairobi News.
Here is a photo
Raila torn shoe

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