HILARIOUS Tweets From ‘There is a Moses Kuria’ Trend

February 25, 2015

Moses Kuria in usDanish Odongo’s article titled There Is A Moses Kuria In All Of Us has become a trending topic on twitter sparking lots of reactions from the crazy ever opinionated KOT.
In his article, Danish writes about all the troubles a loose tongue can bring about in a nation as he pin-points Moses Kuria’s hate speeches, curses and the abuses he spews on his fellow parliamentarians as something that can even start a genocide.
Anyway, what many have not agreed with in his piece is that everyone shows some little Kuria characters once bestowed with power. Kenyans on twitter have come out reacting to Odongo’s story in all manner of hilarious tweets and memes. Here are some of the funny reactions and comments from the trending topic There Is A Moses Kuria.

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