Avril, Dj Creme, Julie Gichuru Join First Lady in ‘Beyond Zero Campaign’ – PHOTOS

February 10, 2015

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has been doing an impressive job with her humanitarian initiative dubbed ‘Beyond Zero Campaign’ that is out to reduce the number of infant deaths in the country.
Well, in this new year, First Lady has decided to take her campaigns to a whole new level by incorporating several celebrities and popular artistes as a way of gearing up the effectiveness of her campaign. The lucky ones to hop into the bandwagon have been ‘hello baby’ songstress Avril, deejay Creme de la Creme and Citizen Tv’s news anchor Julie Gichuru. Here are photos of their respective posters that have been doing circles on social media.
Avril Beyond Zero 1
Creme de la Creme Beyond Zero 1
Julie Gichuru Beyond Zero

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