Uproar After Oburu Odinga Calls Fidel’s First Wife Ciru a ‘Barren Bitch’

January 12, 2015

oburuRaila Odinga’s brother and nominated MP Oburu Odinga all but laid bare the reasons for Fidel Odinga’s divorce.
Speaking on Saturday during the burial of his nephew, Oburu revealed that he was really ‘suspicious’ of Veronica Wanjiru – Fidel’s first wife, especially when a child was not forthcoming.
He openly spoke of his disapproval of the marriage and painted a picture of a wife at fault. He ranted endlessly on live TV how the divorce was anticipated and welcomed. Oblivious of the humiliation he was bringing Ciru, Oburu narrated how he would regularly ask Fidel ‘what the problem was’, to cheers from the crowd.
He then heaped praises on Fidel’s widow Lwam Bekele for giving him a son, ‘something Ciru could not do’.
From images splashed on TV, it was clear Raila Odinga was not happy with his brother’s statements. He tried to make things right in his own speech by praising Ciru, but Oburu had made enough damage.
Raila was not alone in this anger/dissappointment in Oburu’s statements. Kenyans on Twitter were as usual speaking their minds.




Unfortunately, Oburu still had his supporters even after making such despicable utterances. Robert Alai was once again defending the indefensible.

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