This Guy’s Laptop was Stolen in a Matatu, Funny Enough When He was Taking Selfies… He Captured The Thief’s Face

January 27, 2015

I’m sure you’ve had of this trick used by laptop thieves where a coin is dropped in a matatu and as you offer to help search for it, your bag is emptied.
I personally know two guys who lost their laptops this way inside KU – bound matatus, and now another victim has come forward with his story.
Straight from our inbox.
Hi admin, yesterday my laptop got stolen along thika road as I was going to school in a mat,funny thing is that I was taking selfies. Please hide my ID coz these guys look like military personnel. the guy sitted behind me in a striped shirt did the dropped coin thing, and the bald guy sitted next to me, carrying a big green paper bag insisted that I should pick it up. There was no coin where they were pointing. They had me but I got their faces. I’ve cropped myself for my own safety. The two guys in these pictures should be investigated. Kindly warn others. These are organized criminals, and very professional and dangerous to our society.

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