Sonko’s Statement After News That The Kiunas Have Kicked Out The Poor from Their Church

January 29, 2015

soRumors have it that Jubilee Christian Centre Pastor Kathy Kiuna banned poor people from attending her church services. The serious unconfirmed allegations have sparked different reactions from religious social media users with most of them rebuking the Kiunas over the act.
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was also shocked by the news. This is what he posted on Facebook.
Watu wangu naskia mumefukuzwa Church zenu due to poverty don’t worry tuko pamoja. Many Christian believers who invest years in their lives in what they do will one day stand before the Lord and realize they were building the house,not the Lord but sinking sand. Before we act,we must ask why?Why are we doing what we are doing?Has God called us to this task? Or is the real motive purely financial or otherwise or control.

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