HILARIOUS! Get a ‘Victor Kanyari’ Coke for Ksh 310/- (PHOTO)

January 19, 2015

The past year saw lots of fake preachers caught pants down indulging in practices they condemn and preach against. The most striking of all incidences was the shaming exposé of Prophet Victor Kanyari by Mohammed Ali’s Jicho Pevu that left many  in a dumb-fold dismay.
Since the airing of his dirty linen in the public, the self declared prophet became a laughing stock with thousands of people castigating, scorning and making fun of him on social media. From all the negative attention and fame he got late in 2014, Dr. Victor has been ‘honored by Coca Cola’ and like the rest of top celebrities, here’s a drink bearing his name on it.
Kanyari Coke

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