FULL TEXT: Kidero’s Statement After Yesterday ‘OccupyPlayGround’ Protests

January 20, 2015

grabI wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible the action by Police today to throw tear-gas at demonstrators and children in the name of dispersing the crowd at Langata Primary school.
I personally do not believe that the land dispute needs to degenerate to a level of violence. These are our children and they need to be loved, protected and respected!
As the Governor of Nairobi City County, I am ordering that all Police presence be withdrawn, as there is no injunction or court order to the effect that Police be present.
The dispute arising is being addressed in a humane and non-violent way. The use if violence cannot be justified in resolving this matter.
The County Government of Nairobi is working on finding a solution to protect the integrity of both business owners and the public.
I would also request the public to refrain from inciting children in a bid to seek answers to the dispute. I am particularly urging parents not to expose their children to violence and or harm as has arisen from the scene.

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