‘Free Mutai’ and Other Trending Images This Monday

January 19, 2015

The only thing that was really trending over the weekend was the arrest of Twitter blogger Abraham Mutai (@ItsMutai).
He had been arrested for tweeting some things that upset a big man somewhere.
As I write this I’m not a happy man. Kenyans have lost their lives fighting for free speech. When Kibaki came to power, a lot of strides were made and we really thought the battle was won.
This administration is however working overtime to reverse those gains. You can no longer tweet anything anti-government without looking over your shoulders.
I honestly do not know who advises those pulling the strings. By arresting simple unknown bloggers, they actually help build their names. I can bet thousands more know Mutai now because of the arrest.
Anyway, the trending images are ready and #FreeMutai dominates… plus of course Arsenal’s win at Etihad.
Lets do this. (Click on the ‘Next/Previous’ arrows on the sides of the images.)
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