Did Ruto Take Cue From House of Cards..?

January 26, 2015

rutoDeputy President William Ruto is either a good student of popular Netflix political drama ‘House of Cards’, or things really like going his way.
Last year, he became President ‘without a single vote cast in his name’, as Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) would say.
For the past several days, Ruto was under attack from all quarters for his alleged role in Langata land grabbing. He was the top story everyday and that would probably have been the case this week too.
However, something happened on Saturday that took over all the headlines; Alfred Keter’s outburst at Gilgil.
Was it a deliberate attempt to deflect attention from Ruto, or are the gods on the DPs side?
Here’s what Frank Underwood thinks.
Democracy is certainly so overrated.

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