Babu Owino To Spend Sh15 Million for His SONU Re-election Campaign… Here’s The Breakdown

January 28, 2015

babVia Capital FM

Babu Owino, the current Chairman of University of Nairobi’s students’ body SONU is seeking re-election. He is probably the only one or one of few who have held the seat twice on different occasions.
His first term ended around the same time he graduated, but after vying unsuccessfully for the Westlands parliamentary seat, Babu was left with no political office.
He returned to UON to undertake another bachelor’s degree, vied for the chairmanship again and won. He still have a few more years before he graduates and he’s therefore seeking re-election.
His campaign budget has been released and it is astounding.
Here’s the breakdown of how he is planning to spend Sh15 million.

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