NBC News Confuses Kenya With Nigeria When Reporting About Kidnappings… Faces Wrath of #KOT

May 8, 2014

nbcFollowing closely in the footsteps of their brothers CNN, NBC news has provoked Kenyans.
While reporting about the kidnapping of over two hundred school girls in Nigeria, news anchor Brian Williams said it happened in Kenya. To confirm it was not a slip of the tongue, he repeated Kenya again, saying ‘8 more had been abducted.’
Kenyans in their usual style reiterated with the hashtag #SomeoneTellNBC.
Though we are right to blame the news editors and NBC for tarnishing our name, it points to the direction our country is taking. Such incidences are no longer surprising, not even to the international media.
It will take a great deal repairing our name for good.
Here’s that news clip.

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