Larry Madowo – I am Not GAY

May 13, 2014
Larry Madowo 2
Beautiful and gorgeous Victoria Rubadiri is Larry Madowo’s co-host on NTV news at 9PM. The two have a formidable chemistry on air stirring all forms of reactions among them rumours that the two could be having an affair off air.
Larry however come out rubbishing those allegation on Facebook. He also stated categorically that he is not gay.
Check out his post.

Being on holiday has allowed me time to read through the backlog of messages on my inbox. I appreciate all the feedback but I’d like to save you and I both some time and say these:
1) I can’t find you a job/internship at NTV/NMG
2) I can’t find you a job anywhere else
3) I am not an atheist/Illuminati/gay/crazy/all of the above
4) I am not dating Victoria Rubadiri
5) I will not go on a date with you because you inboxed
6) I am not an alien, despite my 3,000 teeth
I read all the messages but cannot always respond to all of them. Keep writing, especially with ideas, suggestions and critiques. Also, any good cat videos are always welcome. Live long and prosper!

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