Kenyans Quickly Losing Faith With Uhuru… All Reactions From #SomeonetellUhuruKenyatta

May 5, 2014

uhuruKenyans are losing confidence in President Uhuru incredibly fast. Before I’m accused of being an opposition agent, let me state categorically that I’m not.
The Jubilee government promised to grow this country in double digits, but clearly the only thing that is growing is insecurity, particularly terrorism. The NIS was accused of doing everything possible to deny Raila victory. Assuming there was some truth in that, why can’t they fight terrorism with the same vigor? Why is the Al-Shabaab winning?
Yesterday following the twin blasts along Thika Road, it was clear Kenyans are tired with the president lack of decisiveness. Why is Ole Lenku still in office? Manchester United fired Moyes when no one was dying. Why is Gichangi and the others still in charge. My 6 year old daughter knows they’ve failed.
Whatever you owe them Mr. President, it can’t be greater than the lives of Kenyans. You’ll look at the two killed yesterday, I’ll look at the 30 whose lives have forever changed. Some may never walk again, some will never work productively again. Have I mentioned that some were breadwinners in their family?
Whatever you’re doing, it’s not working, and if you think am the only one with that opinion, check out these tweets from the hashtag #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta.

That there is no where he can buy security rigging software anywhere in the world. – @poppa_shark
we know his passport has received more stamps this year than signatures put on security reforms. – @driqy:
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta your people need security.The ICC is NOT bigger than 40 million kenyans!” – @robertmagori
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta to move from state house & start living in Kenya National Theatre if that is the only way he will start acting. – @njiiru
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta That @UKenyatta government rounded up & profiled 4000 Somalis without catching a single Al-Shabaab. #UShenziKE! – @WanjikuRevolt
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta its called kenya defence forces,not somali defence forces or sudan defence forces,kenyans security should come 1st – @njiiru
In countries like China, people like Olelenku and Omamo would be in jail by now #someonetellUhuruKenyatta – @mwaura24
@delightdadj: #SomeonetellUhuruKenyatta We elected him because he assured us kusema na kutenda nt kusema na kusema cc @UKenyatta
@Etemessy: Ouru yawa! Nairobi is metamorphosising into Baghdad while you are on a worldwide tour like Rihanna #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta To stop sugar coating things and tell it like it is………Kenyans need the truth not sugar coated BS!!!!! – @Cleo_Waduu
This is what you should expect when you mindlessly inherit a government #someonetelluhurukenyatta – @kamwash2
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta let Somalis fight their own battles, leave Somalia – @LizzNjagah
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta don’t pay Anglo Leasing Co.s, forget laptops. Just get a million detectors & multiple sniffers – @cosy_grace 
It’s time to come back home and clean the mess before cleaning neighbours house #SomeoneTellUhurukenyatta – @Miabambi
#SomeoneTellUhurukenyatta he is the President on Kenya not Somalia bring our Troops Back let the dying Horse die – @DjTingie
Kenya has been hit 87 times since 2011. Damn son. #SomeOneTellUhuruKenyatta – @Mejooli
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta no investor wil invest in country of frequent attacks – @mainawakara
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that as long as he tries to save face on international community. .his Kenya community is suffering – @pasha2k
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta useless and confused government with useless confused leaders ! #ThikaRoadBlast – @Paulhazard17
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta, UK if you don’t act, a grenade should be hurled at state house so you can experience what we go through. – @NickMachanin
Choices have consequences #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @jamesobare
not every kenyan has a motorcade like UhuRuto #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @ndekejully
#someonetelluhurukenyatta that Kenya has bcome a terrorists play ground and Kenyans r their toys – @MtuOvyoOvyo
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta its time to let #Somalia collapse. its too much a baggage to us – @jjwaziri
#SomeonetellUhuruKenyatta, Giving speeches n condeming frm statehouse wont aid local kenyan, tackle terrorism with sober minds. #LenkuOut
Its not about blame game. Take a hold of the situation and act #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @Johny_main
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta to sack Gichangi..kenyan Intelligence is failing us – @Shiku_Dee
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that Mogadishu is now safer than Nai and Msa. – @Call_Me_Hadji
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that it’s time to bring our troops home. These blasts are no joke. Let someone else fight the Somali battle. – @Shiku4
Do we need to have our KDF soldiers in Somalia when our interland is rocked by this kind of mess? #justconcerned, #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @OmolloOdhiambo2
#someonetelluhurukenyatta That I saw him swear with two bibles to protect me and all other Kenyans, That was not a scene in a movie.- @Penjazes
There is no shame in withdrawing troops from Somalia #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @MusteXairer
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta tht insanity is doing same shit over n over n expect a change.Change the top sec executives they’ve been DEFEATED – @KinyanBoy
#someonetelluhurukenyatta instead of using the tax payers money to visit all the countries u cn thnk of y dont u tackle insecurity issues – ‏@NdiranguK
To speed up Opening up of EAC! Hii Kenya inekuwa ndogo, we are relocating to a Safer EA country #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @AmicusLeo
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that the funds intended for Anglo leasing payments can be used to beef up security. – @Ngemuller
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta we need our lifes back, we are tired… – @BENCHARMIN
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta….” the government will”….”the government will”.. is “will” a branch in the military/secuity forces – @MURATHIP
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta afunge nyama na hiyo manifesto yake – @HempstoneHo
#SomeonetellUhuruKenyatta that Kenya needs him more than Abuja or Lagos! Investors won’t come to a country that is so insecure! – @CKogutuh 
#someonetelluhurukenyatta that parading Cabinet Secretaries to enhance PR hasn’t & won’t combat terrorism in Kenya! Is Kenya a corporation? – @Kennedy_Wandera
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta u’ll never find the RIGHT person to head security intellignt in #kenya if u never let go of the #Gichangi & co. – @DennisOleSang
@RamzZy_: #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta we know he has a good PR team but his government is just bullshit.” < and a lot of hot air.”
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta The kind of people he appointed Betrays it all.Lenku….Itumbi…Kimaiyo….et al Rambunctious Factotums. – @MUTANTMOZ
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta internal security is too much for a hotel manager #OleLenkuMustGoNOW – @MusteXairer
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta that as long as he has KDF in somalia kenya will never enjoy peace! operation rudisha KDF nyumbani!! – @samir_mohaa
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta his next presser should include the line ” I have failed Kenyans, I have failed to guarantee their security ” – @cyrylkojo
#SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta the only thing growing in this country is insecurity.. – @Jaden_kacqris
Uhuru is just looking at the Travel advisories against Kenya so he knows when it’s safe to come back. #SomeoneTellUhuruKenyatta – @RamzZy_

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