Emmy Kosgei’s Father Forced Out of Fly540 Airplane

May 15, 2014

Bishop Kosgei of the World Wide Gospel Church is a very disturbed and angry man after he was reportedly forced to crawl out of a Fly540 jet in JKIA. After a 40 minute stand off, the charismatic and physically disabled bishop, father to the towering gospel song bird Emmy Kosgei, was forced to make way for himself out of the jet.
In an interview with Nairobi News, the angered bishop said, ”I was rudely told that they do not offer lift services disabled persons need. No one was allowed to carry me down the stairs. I had to crawl down the stairs and used my pair of trausers to clean the stairs as I alighted and found it outrageous and a direct assault on all persons with physical challenges.”
Mr Nickson Ooko, the airline’s operation director said he was not aware of the incident claiming the operating licence did not allow them to carry people who were immobile. He also refuted claims that the bishop was mistreated. “We do not have the equipment to carry passengers who are on stretcher or who completely cannot support themselves but this does not include persons on wheelchairs,” he said.
However, the bishop took a bold step and reported his treatment to JKIA police station. OB No 18/11/5/2014 states that Fly540 staff refused to allow anybody to support him as he disembarked.

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