PHOTOS – Kabogo Jumps off Moving Chopper

April 29, 2014

Kiambu governor is as flamboyant as they come. He is incredibly wealthy and is never shy to show it.
Recently, we showed you photos of his Sleek Sh15 Million Jaguar XKR. That’s just one of his many super cars. He has two mansions; in Nairobi and in Nyali. In his world, two houses need two choppers, and yes, he got them.
When he needs to access areas his super cars or choppers cannot, his superbike comes in handy.
Anyway, on Saturday after attending the KCB Home Loan Safari Rally, Kabogo boarded his chopper which dropped him at some resort.
The governor is not one to wait for it to land… Actually it did not even have to land.
This photos show Kabogo jumping off the chopper. He even joked about it on Facebook writing, “Jumping off the chopper and sprinting like Bolt.”

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