Olympic Gold Medalist Living in Deplorable Conditions in Muthurwa

April 25, 2014



All Africa Games light flyweight gold medalist Suleiman Bilali did the country proud but ended up in misery and is now living in squalor. Bilali who lived large, drove sleek cars and travelled the globe now leads a deplorable life at the Muthurwa estate.
A head injury he sustained during a 1998 training almost brought him to his knees, but he would recover, and in 2000 won Sydney Olympic Games qualifiers in Egypt.
In 2004 the boxer was run over by a matatu, making his job hang in the balance. He was at the point a General Service Unit Officer. This did not deter him, as he earned Head of State Commendation in president Moi’s and Kibaki’s regime.
He was later discharged as an officer empty handed because of his health. In an unknown circumstances, he lost his wealth and investment to friends and family who took advantage of his mental state.
However, he plans to bounce back in 2016 Rio Olympic Games, this time as a coach.
Check out his interview with Nairobi News.

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