Leaked VIDEO – President Uhuru Caught on Camera Telling Ruto Not To Let His Wife ‘Mangamanga’

April 3, 2014

ukAre the Al-Shabaab targeting prominent personalities? It appears the government may have intelligence to support this, going by a private conversation President Uhuru had with his deputy William Ruto on Tuesday at the airport as he departed for Brussels, Belgium for the EU-Africa Summit.
In this video by K24, the president is first seen talking to Inspector General David Kimaiyo, whom he instructs to keep acting tough.
“Hio tumeanza, mpaka tumalize… Nawajue yakwamba hatuna mchezo.” he tells the IG.
He is then seen talking to Ruto. “And you tell all these people, even your wife, to stop moving around. Waache kumangamanga.” He tells the DP.
Watch the video below.

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