ASTOUNDING – President Uhuru and Alfred Keter Have Become Best Buddies

April 1, 2014

keterAfter cementing his position as Jubilee government’s critic-in-chief, Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter is now a close buddy of President Uhuru. On Thursday, immediately after delivering his state of the nation address, President Uhuru went straight to where Keter was standing, at the entrance of Parliament Gardens, engaging him in a short but seemingly very lively chit-chat.
He then had another chat with him before leaving, and then finally gestured the MP to call him.
Whatever may have transpired between the two will remain a matter of speculation, but I must say that was fast. Just a few months ago, Keter blew the whistle on alleged corruption in the standard gauge tender, but he has since cooled down. At one time, the president and his deputy transformed a public ceremony into a Keter bashing ceremony.
As they say, in politics there are no permanent enemies, just permanent interest. I would hate to speculate what those interests are in this case.
Additional reporting by The Star

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