President Gives New House To 6 Year Old Girl Who Wowed With a Poem

April 25, 2014

emily5At just a tender age of 6, Emily Wanjiru stood before the President and his guests buzzing with confidence and splendidly recited a poem to the amazement of everyone. Dubbed Mvua Hii, the solo verse was crowned winner at the just concluded Kenya National Drama Festivals.
Despite all that confidence, her sharp voice, charming smile and impeccable recitation, life for young Emily has not been all rosy. She was born in the strangest of places and her mother has struggled through thick and thin to make ends meet. Her story was aired on K24 and revealed the abject poverty the talented Emily and her family go through. They hardly raise Sh800 for rent and go for days without food. Hardly did they know that their silver lining was in the form of a three verse poem, crammed in just three days by a young Emily who was born under a lorry.
In the wake of her story, the Director of Digital, New Media in the office of the President, Dennis Itumbi, visited Emily and her family in Gachororo slum, Juja. His team also answered her one wish, which was to live in a house they did not have to pay rent. Emily and his family were moved in to their new house and their life changed in a way they will never forget.
Here’s what Dennis Itumbi had to say, “Totally Humbled by the parting word of baby Emily after we shared a meal of Chapatti and Ndengu at one of the restaurants in Gachororo…”Mungu akubariki. Mungu awabariki…then she cried and waved goodbye, we smiled and as we drove off we were happy that she was finally happy, smiling and an inspiration to a whole village.”
Here are the photos
Watch her story below

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