Sonko Talks Making Sh6 Million in Form 3 and Forging His Birth Certificate

March 19, 2014

sonkoIf you watched Ray J’s dating show, for the love of Ray’ j, then you might be familiar with what am about to say. He used to say that everybody has a past and should not be judged for it. I did not learn anything else from the show but that little bit is still stuck on my mind. Everybody has a past, it is just that the mistakes some people made were severe than others but does that mean they should be judged? No.
Some people, like Mike Sonko were what you’d call bad boys. Am not talking about stealing sugar bad, I mean forging birth certificate bad. Over the weekend, Mike Sonko and gospel singer Ringtone were at Kenya High school where the Nairobi senator donated sanitary towels and text books.
In a motivational mood, the flamboyant politician narrated his life in crime and even admitted that he regretted that part of his life. During the address, he revealed that he changed his birth certificate dates from 1977 to 1975 so as to be able to run a family business.  He even joked that maybe if he took his studies seriously, he would actually be the President as we speak.
“I feel bad about wasting my precious time engaging in criminal activities than concentrating on my education. Although I got my Sh6 million while in Form Three, I still regret the life I lived. If I had not led a life of crime, I could have been the president now. But I thank God that I am alive and now taking life with the seriousness it deserves,” said Sonko.
The senator is currently pursuing a Business Administration degree from Methodist University.

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