SHOCKING – Woman Narrates How Her Lover Smashed Their Baby To Death

March 28, 2014

baby smashedA woman in Nairobi, Linda Cherotich, is mourning the death of her baby after her lover smashed it to death several times on the floor before running away.
According to Linda, trouble started when she left for her mothers place after her lover assaulted her. Knowing clearly that the man would not let her leave, Linda lied that she was just taking some maize to her mother’s place and that she would be back. Before she could leave, her lover ransacked her to check if she had carried her clothes and when he found none, he let her leave.
“Even after seriously assaulting me, I knew he would not let me leave. I lied to him that I was taking some maize to my mother and that I would be back. He checked to confirm that I had not carried my clothes and let me leave,” Cherotich told Nation on Tuesday.
However, on Sunday, she decided to return to her lovers house. The next day at around 7 am, Cherotich says that the man came into their one bed-roomed house and without uttering a single word to her, took the baby, cradled him and even changed his diapers.
All of sudden, the unthinkable happened. The man smashed the baby to the floor several times and ran away. Cherotich took her unconscious baby to the hospital but on the way, he hicupped twice and went silent. The baby was pronounced dead on reaching the hospital.
Which makes one wonder, is this what humanity has come to?
Additional reporting by Daily Nation.

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